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An appraisal with an OBrien agent will provide you with the confidence of what your home is worth in today’s current market. Your OBrien agent will assess your home, illustrate market conditions and demonstrate comparable sales to provide an estimated price guide.

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What do you get in a property appraisal?

Inspecting your property.

Your OBrien agent will comprehensively assess your property internally and externally determining its key characteristics and features which usually takes 45 minutes. When estimating a price for your home your OBrien agent will consider the home’s size, its condition, its fixtures/fittings and accomodation in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. We’ll also assess land size, outdoor living, landscaping and car accomodation your homes proximity to local schools, recreation, shopping and transport.

Current market conditions.

Your OBrien agent knows what local buyers want and what they are prepared to pay more for. We will provide you with local expert knowledge that will help you feel informed on the current buyer demand for your home so you can make an educated decision.

Comparable sales.

Your OBrien Agent will carefully choose recent sales that are similar to your home that will help demonstrate evidence of likely sale price for your property.

Estimated price guide.

Finally your OBrien agent will provide you with a property value estimate based on the above mentioned considerations.

Your next step?

Book your appraisal, where an OBrien agent will visit your home and then provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your homes values and the options available to you based on your circumstance so you make the best informed decisions for your future.

Knowing your property’s worth.

Understanding how much your house is worth can help you better understand your net worth and therefore help you make better future financial decisions.

If you’re not selling your home still knowing your property’s worth is valuable for when making life’s decisions is invaluable.

Here’s how a market appraisal can help you make better decisions:

  • Having knowledge of the current market trends, local knowledge, future prospects when determining to make that move or not into another location or to invest into that renovation is invaluable.
  • When considering a renovation, extension or rebuild. Having the right understanding on the current and future values once completed is invaluable.
  • When you are looking to renovate an OBrien agent can help you align the home cosmetics to appeal to buyers looking to buy in your area.
  • You have recently completed your renovations and are keen to find out what value you have added to your home and what might mean for future decisions.
  • You looking to make an property investment and would like to know what equity position you have to assist with understanding your lending position for the mortgage.

Why sell with OBrien.

Five Reason to Sell with OBrien:

Reason #1

Inter-office promotion and selling increases your property’s exposure.

Reason #2

Local area specialists, agents who have bought, sold and own property in the local area, highly qualified auctioneers.

Reason #3

Our low days on market can translate into marketing savings. Less time on market ensures you receive the best possible price.

Reason #4

All agents receive specialist one-on-one training monthly by Australia’s best real estate trainers.

Reason #5

Tailored campaigns including marketing targeted to each property’s specialised needs and exposure, utilising Australia’s premier real estate websites.

At OBrien we believe our results stem from the importance we place on the people behind the properties. Founded in 2010, we are a multiple REIV award winning agency well known for top producing local agents backed by a strong network of motivated professionals driven to succeed.

We consistently utilise the best real estate trainers to improve our skills to be one of Victoria’s most forward-thinking and progressive real estate networks which in turn delivers great results.

With a holistic approach to what we do, every OBrien Real Estate team member is encouraged and supported to lead a balanced lifestyle as well as being given opportunities to give back to the community.

Our purpose at OBrien is to facilitate people’s growth.

The OBrien difference.

43 offices with 1 in Cairns in Qld.

275 in sales & 99 in property management.

Over 30,000 sales since founded in 2010.

Our average clearance rate in 2023 is 85.8%.

Homes is $935,049 and Units is $612,906.

Industry leading results, with an average of 28 days.

Industry benchmark results with 1% vacancy.

We manage and serve over 16,000 properties.

Across our network we speak 36 different Languages.

How OBrien can maximise your sale price.

To maximise your sale price remember the three 3P’s.



When considering which sales process to use, what we do is we evaluate the number of similar property listings currently on the market and then analyse this with the buyer demand that exists in the market at that given time. These indicators will help shape the sales process to take, whether it’s by way of an off-market sale, a private sale, closing date sale or by public auction, we’ll guide you on the best process to take that will maximise your selling price but ultimately that decision will rest with you.



Presentation is key, certainly if you can do everything possible to maximise the presentation of your property, it will mean buyers can then make a very quick assumption whether your home is for them based on how it presents, so by following some recommendations in presenting your home and creating that atmosphere which makes a great first impression you’ll definitely maximise your selling price.



Positioning is making sure that you engage an agent that has got really good market knowledge so they can position the property correctly in terms of where we substantiate price to be and also an agent that can negotiate on your behalf.

Your next step?

Book your appraisal, where an OBrien agent will visit your home and then provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your homes values and the options available to you based on your circumstance so you make the best informed decisions for your future.

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