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Our story.

A multiple REIV award winning company.

Founded in 2010, OBrien Real Estate is an REIV award winning agency renowned for producing many of the top performing agents in Melbourne. Backed by a strong network of highly motivated professionals, OBrien Real Estate prides itself on offering the finest customer service and attention to detail.
We consistently utilise the best real estate trainers to improve our skills which in turn delivers great results. Our directors are consistently involved with day to day business, providing support and guidance.
From one single office with a handful of staff, we have actively grown the business in a relatively short period of time, to be one of Victoria’s most forward-thinking and progressive real estate networks.
With a holistic approach to what we do, every OBrien Real Estate team member is encouraged and supported to lead a balanced lifestyle as well as being given opportunities to give back to the community.

Our values and purpose.

Our purpose is to create a place where we can facilitate our peoples’ growth. Our values are:

Our colleagues are our broader family, assist when needed and when in need.

Respect our colleagues and our clients as you would like to be respected.

Unlock your full potential, encourage and support your colleagues.

Strive for excellence; be open-minded and willing to embrace change.

Work towards being well balanced within yourself.

The OBrien difference.

43 offices with 1 in Cairns in Qld.

275 in sales & 99 in property management.

Over 30,000 sales since founded in 2010.

Our average clearance rate in 2023 is 85.8%.

Homes is $935,049 and Units is $612,906.

Industry leading results, with an average of 28 days.

Industry benchmark results with 1% vacancy.

We manage and serve over 16,000 properties.

Across our network we speak 36 different Languages.

Our customers.

Request a market appraisal

Request a market appraisal

Select an OBrien Real Estate agent

Selecting an agent.

To aid you in selecting an agent, we’ll provide:

A report card and last 20 sales to demonstrate our track record.

Relevant case studies and success stories.

We'll demonstrate our access to buyers.

A comprehensive selling strategy.

Method of sale.

Advantages of going to auction.
  • Competitive bidding, which means there is no price limit.
  • A more definite sale, with a 10% deposit paid, 100% unconditional sale with no cooling off period.
  • Auction works to a plan, the marketing strategy is carefully thought out and a firm date is set for the potential sale.
  • Generally means a faster transaction as campaigns run for 4 weeks.
  • No back and forth negotiating like in a private sale between seller and buyer.
Advantages of a private sale
  • Vendors can set a price at which the property is to be offered.
  • Buyers offers can be considered at leisure by the seller.
  • The pace of negotiations can be controlled by the seller as opposed to auction day.
  • Buyers may feel more comfortable that there is a cooling-off period.
Forthcoming Auction
  • The intention to sell by this method is to sell without ever conducting an auction.
  • This method of sale can be used during periods of market disruption. For example; holiday periods.
  • It can be used as a lead time prior to setting the auction date, and can also assist with feedback from potential purchasers to assist with setting the price guide advertised to market.
Closing date sale
  • A property advertised as a “closing date sale” means the property is being sold by tender process.
  • Interested buyers in the property submit a written offer to the selling agent before the closing date specified.
Methods of real estate sales

Selling your home

Exclusive to OBRE.

Sell your home to targeted ready buyers”. An off-market sale is strictly a 21-day process. It’s when a property is sold with minimal marketing to our local buyer database and through our exclusive off-market channel on We sell a considerable amount of property using this method before it goes to the open market saving you time and money.
Buyers are specifically matched to your property using our latest database matching technology. Quite often this can result in higher selling prices as buyers rush to secure the property before it goes live to the open market. At the expiration of this 21-day process and if the property remains unsold, the next step in the process is to move to a tailored marketing approach to the open market, expanding the reach in finding the right buyer for your home.

How to make a great first impression.

First impressions often stick with a buyer and you need to take an objective look at your property. Many buyers will view your property from the street or when driving by.
When selling your home, buyers may view your property with a different perspective. While you might always use the back entrance to your home, purchasers will be using the front door. Change your perspective when it comes to the first impressions of your home and seriously consider the practical opinions of those you value (including your real estate agent, family and friends or a professional decorator).
First impressions are everything and some prospective buyers may lose interest in your property for reasons you may not have even noticed.

Real estate agent impressions

Home atmosphere

How to create the right atmosphere.

Presentation combined with the right atmosphere will set the scene for that feeling when the property “just feels right”, regardless of all the practical reasons why a buyer actually likes the property.
The sense of smell is a powerful one and the aroma of freshly baked bread, recently brewed coffee and a freshly baked cake will conjure up a feeling of warmth and comfort.
These familiar aromas will also play an equally important role in neutralising unpleasant scents and pet odours.

Should I spend money to maximise the price of selling my house?

We advise clients not to spend too much on renovating their homes prior to selling. However, some additions and improvements are well worth the spend.
Major works might not be in your budget but minor changes to the garden landscape or replacing an old fence can make a significant difference and not break the budget. Our professional team at OBrien Real Estate can guide you in regards to possible improvements to your property in preparation for selling your home.

Improve your home

Marketing your home

Marketing to maximise the price you achieve.

One of the most important factors of a successful sales campaign is the marketing plan.
Creating a marketing plan that reaches all local active buyers, as well as finding those passive and out of area buyers can have a big impact on your selling price. A strong property marketing plan could include:

  • Professional photography, copy writing, floor plan, video
  • Signboards
  • Digital advertising
  • Internet portals
  • Newspapers, magazines, editorial
  • Drop cards and property brochures
  • Email to agent’s database

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